Dance Programs and Notes ’18

If we have information in advance on the evening programs planned for the 2018 Harvest Moon Dance Weekend, we will share it here.

Here are Sharon Green’s descriptions of her two workshop topics:

  • The Legacy of Fried Herman:
    Thirty years ago at Pinewoods English Week I met Fried de Metz Herman. I was a beginner dancer; she . . . was a force of nature.
    Dragon lady or inspiring teacher? Fried had strong views about English country dancing, and dancers have had correspondingly strong views about her dances and her personality. In introducing you to some of her dances, I hope also to introduce you to a remarkable teacher and friend.
  • The Art of Reconstruction:
    A look at how modern choreographers re-imagine yesterday’s dances to delight dancers today. Set dances and longways dances from the great initial flowering of English country dance, as interpreted by reconstructors as diverse as Christine Helwig, Charles Bolton, and Andrew Shaw.