Guest Artists ’18

The 2018 Harvest Moon Dance Weekend’s guest artists are musicians Earl Gaddis, Debbie Jackson, and Jonathan Whitall, and caller Sharon Green. (More info to come soon)

Earl Gaddis

Earl Gaddis is a full-time dance musician who has been playing violin and viola for various combinations of English, Scottish, American, and international dancing for more than fifty years. He plays at dance camps, workshops, balls, festivals, and dances throughout the United States, in Canada, and abroad. As a member of Bare Necessities Earl has made eighteen recordings of English Country Dance music so far, and he has recorded with a number of other musicians as well. He lives in great contentment on ten acres of woods in Plainwell, Michigan with his wife Sherry Brodock.

Debbie Jackson

Jonathan Whitall

Sharon Green

Sharon Green is a California-based English country dance teacher known for her welcoming presence and enthusiasm for building community. Her calling and organizing have taken her from Pinewoods English Week and NEFFA in Massachusetts to Mendocino and Hey Days dance weeks in California, and from festivals in England to balls and workshops in Canada and Japan. Sharon calls regularly for the Bay Area Country Dance Society and the San Diego English Country Dancers, and tries to dance at least twice as often as she calls.