From Jane Austen to Queen Victoria – November 25, 2019

Dance historian Susan de Guardiola presented a lovely evening of participatory dancing, as we experienced the evolution of English and European country dance from the late 18th century to the end of the 19th with fun and authentic country dances and quadrilles (squares).

Live music was provided by Tim Macdonald (fiddle) and Jonathan Whitall (piano).

2019-11-25 Susan de G OP v2

PDF flyer of the above

List of dances done with dates of their appearance:

  • Spirit of the Dance 1819
  • Savage Dance 1780 to 1820
  • Duvall’s Quadrille 3rd set, Figure 1 Le Prisonnier c 1818
  • Duvall’s Quadrille 3rd set, Figure 2 La Favorite c 1818
  • Honey Moon 1816 (1806 )
  • Circular Waltz #1 c 1825
  • Star Dance c 1825
  • Country Dance Galopade #2 1830s
  • Mr. Layland’s Polka Contre Danse 1850s
  • Victorian Roger de Coverley mid 19th c version