Harvest Moon Dance Weekend 2016

October 14 – 16, 2016

Music by “Jubilea”

Mary Lea * Paul Oorts * Dave Wiesler

Guest Caller: Orly Krasner

All events (except the brunch) held at the Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park, IL

The weekend included:

  • Friday evening Welcome dance
  • Saturday morning workshop “Playford Revisited” 
  • Saturday afternoon workshop “Modern Marvels” 
  • Saturday evening Harvest Moon Ball
  • Sunday afternoon Farewell dance

Orly Krasner kindly provided her final dance programs with sources for the Harvest Moon Dance Weekend, October 14 – 16, 2016, in Oak Park, IL

Below are the originally planned programs for the evening dances:

Friday evening dance:

Title Formation Meter Key
Indian Queen DL 4/4 D
Jack By the Hedge DL 6/8 C Jan Dale
St Margaret’s Hill 3C 3/4 Gm
6 for the Six Proud Walkers Dli 2/4 D Fried Herman
Salt of the Earth 4C 3/4 Gm Orly Krasner
Sackett’s Harbor TL 6/8 A
Merry Andrew, The 3C 2/2 Am Maggot Pie
Dance of a Lifetime Big circ mix 3/4 C Joseph Pimentel
Julia Dli 2/2 G Colin Hume
Salutation DL 3/2 A
Beechen Grove’s New Hall 4CSq 6/8 G Charles Bolton
Mylecharane DL 3/4 Dm Fried Herman
Shrewsbury Lasses 3C 2/2 D
Well Hall DL 3/2 F
Fenterlarick DL 4/4 C Joyce Walker


Saturday Ball

Sun Assembly DL 2/4 A
Freeman’s Yard DL 3/2 Gm
Fandango 3C 6/8 D
Rose of Sharon Dli 2/4 Cm Fried Herman
Golden Green 4CSq 3/4 G Philippe Callens
Leather Lake House TL 2/4 A
Heartsease 2C 6/8 Gm
Punch Bowl, The DL 3/4 G
Jack’s Health DL 6/8 Am
Randolph Farewell 3Ccirc 3/4 G Fried Herman
Impertinence DL 2/4 Gm Fried Herman
Kneeland Romp 3C 2/4 G Gary Roodman
Fair and Softly TL 3/4 Dm
Lilli Burlero DL 6/8 G
Middlemarch Dli 3/4 Em Orly Krasner


Dance notes for these dances in PDF format