Dance Programs and Sources

Harvest Moon Dance Weekend 2019 Programs
Graham Christian, caller
Music by Kate Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Jonathan Whitall

Friday Evening Dance
The Jockey – Christian interpretation, unpublished
Corelli’s Maggot – Millars, Gems
Heartsease – Playford Ball
Leah’s Waltz – Herman, Legacy
Parson Upon Dorothy – Playford Assembly
Mock Hobby Horse – Playford Assembly
Irish Lamentation – Playford Assembly
Devil’s Maggot – Diane Schmit, unpublished
Ashford Anniversary – Bolton, now on CDSS site
Anna Maria – Frank van Cleef interpretation
The Mitre – Wrights, The Vesey Collection
Dover Pier – Playford Ball
Randolph Farewell – Herman, Fringe Benefits
Elverton Grove – Playford Assembly

Saturday morning
Sweet Music: Dance to the Tunes of Jonathan Jensen
Midwinter Maggot- Roodman, A Group of Calculated Figures
Indian Summer – Goossen
Mr Jensen’s Gift – Roodman, Prime Calculated Figrues
Candles in the Dark – Holz
Mendocino Redwood – CDSS News
Lady Williams’ Delight – Galloway, Legacy
The Homecoming – Roodman, Multiple Calculated Figures

Saturday afternoon
Old Dances for a New Day: Dances from The Playford Assembly and Onward
Black Heath – Herman interpretation, Choice Morsels
King’s Maggot – A Shaw interpretation, Elephant Stairs
St Catherine – Callens interpretation, Antwerp Antics
Three Coney Walk – A Shaw interpretation, Elephant Stairs
Conceal’d Health – Helwig/Marsh interpretation
Lord Foppington – Christian interpretation, unpublished

Saturday Evening Ball
Mount Hills – Playford Assembly
Mrs Savage’s Whim – Playford Assembly
Trip to the Manors- Roodman, A Number if Calculated
Angels Unawares – Christian, CDSS News 2001
Winter Solstice – Crouch, Knight, Further Flights of Fancy
Atossa’s Gift – Higgs, unpublished
Well Done Jack – Playford Assembly
Stepping Stones – Cook, Spoil the Broth
Vain Belinda – A Shaw interpretation, unpublished
Brief Encounter – Hendy
Young Widow – Playford Assembly
Dusty Miller – Playford Assembly
Trip to Town-O – Friendly/Sackett, Impropriety 1
Cockle-Shells – Playford Assembly

Sunday Farewell Dance
The Salutation – Broadbridge interpretation unpublished
Walton Abbey – Playford Assembly
New Year’s Day in the Morning – Playford Assembly
Volpony – Playford Assembly
Waters of Holland – P Shaw, New Wine in Old Bottles
Interruptions – Newman, unpublished
Jovial Beggars – Playford Assembly
Tambourine Dance – Playford Assembly
Moonflower – Kevra, unpublished
Ram Meadow – Coxall, Blackburne Tunes
Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot – Cook interpretation, Packington’s Pound
News from Tripoly – Playford Assembly
Barbarini’s Tambourine – Playford Assembly

Harvest Moon Dance Weekend 2019 Programs  (PDF version of Dance Programs and Sources)